Ten Thank You Letters

By Daniel Kirk
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Ten Thank You Letters


Book Description

Pig is writing a thank-you note to his grandma when his friend Rabbit comes over to play. Eager to get in on the action, Rabbit writes one of his own . . . and another . . . and another . . . until his flurry of thank-you notes has Pig in a tizzy. Pig just wants to finish writing his note in peace! Fortunately, Rabbit’s last thank-you note reminds Pig how lucky he is to have Rabbit as a friend.

Reviews of Ten Thank You Letters

Review from School Library Journal
Rabbit wants to play, but Pig is busy finishing a thank-you letter to Grandma. Inspired by his best friend, Rabbit writes his own notes of gratitude—to his grandmother, Madam President, his favorite author, and many more—repeatedly interrupting Pig and eventually using up all of his pal’s stamps, envelopes…and patience. Never fear, Rabbit has one more message to write, a considerate communiqué that sets everything right. Effervescent artwork and affable text make this follow up to Ten Things I Love about You (Penguin, 2012) a winner.

Review from Booklist
This pleasant follow-up to Ten Things I Love about You (2012) again features Pig and Rabbit learning another sweet lesson in thoughtfulness. . . . Kirk’s neo-retro illustrations capture the good feelings and slight annoyance between these two pals. . . . [His] expert combination of old techniques (drawing with ink, painting plywood panels) with new ones (adding colors and textures with Photoshop) nicely highlights the perpetual value of appreciation.

Review from Kirkus
Inspirational examples abound in both giving thanks and sharing.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Ten Thank You Letters

I was happy to make a sequel to Ten Things I Love About You, and continue the themes of writing and friendship I’d begun with the first book.
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It is always a treat to be able to explore characters I’ve developed in one book, and get to know them better in the second.

It was easy to draw the pictures for this book because I’d already figured out what Rabbit and Pig look like. The other characters that appear, the ones Rabbit and Pig are writing letters for, were great fun to draw. It was a joy to explore what kind of world my characters lived in, and see their school, grocery store, street corner, and so on. My favorite picture is the one where Rabbit and Pig write a letter to their favorite author. His studio looks a bit like my own!

Things to think about and do after you have read Ten Thank You Letters

Write a thank you letter to someone you care about. Tell them what you are grateful for, and let them know you care.
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You can mail it, or not, but you’ll feel good writing it, for sure.

Make a list of the people you are thankful for. It could be a long one! Think of all the people who have helped you, been kind to you, shared with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to write a real letter to one of them. If not, you’ll still be surprised at how many people have been nice to you in your life.

Make up an imaginary character. It could be a talking pig, a king, a princess, a rat on roller skates, a flying horse from the planet Neptune, or anything you can think of. Imagine that this character did something nice for you. What was it? Can you write a thank-you letter to an imaginary character? If you can, you have a story in the making!



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