Snow Dude

by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion, 2004
Snow Dude


Book Description
When Nick and Kara Candlewick build the snowman of their dreams, their wish for a real live playmate comes true. Soon their mischievous Snow Dude is on the run, dashing into town to raise a ruckus. “I’m a snow dude, as wild as wild can be. Run as fast as you can run, you won’t catch up with me!”

Before long, everyone has joined in the chase, but can the Snow Dude be stopped? Just as the Gingerbread Man raced his way into the hearts of children, kids will delight in Daniel Kirk’s rollicking adventure filled with mischief, excitement, and magic.

Reviews of Snow Dude

Review from Booklist
Kirk’s takeoff on “The Gingerbread Man” features a roly-poly snowman looking like a first cousin to the Pillsbury doughboy. Everything comes together well here; computer-enhanced artwork, in smooth candy-coated color, reflects the frosty milieu. Snow Dude is an impudent, icy embodiment of his gingerbread forebears. Crackling with excitement and mischief, this will be fun to read aloud.

Review from Publishers Weekly
Kirk (Snow Family) combines the stories of Frosty the Snowman and the Gingerbread Man, minus the somber endings, in this light, bright tale of a speedy Snow Dude. Kirk approaches the short-lived snowy day with good cheer and doesn’t spoil the mood with premature melting.[/expand]

Daniel Kirk speaks about Snow Dude
Snow Dude follows in the snowy footprints of The Snow Family, a favorite of mine from a few years ago.
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 I wanted to write a story about a mischievous snow boy, and the kind of trouble he might get into. I pattern my tale after The Gingerbread Man, except that my story has a happy ending! When I was working on the drawings for my main character, I tried lots of snowy hairstyles that made my snow dude look funny. Some of them had spikes for hair, or punky mohawks, but the soft twist of snow hair made my dude look both cute and naughty!

Things to think about and do, once you have read Snow Dude

1. What do you think makes a snow dude a “dude,” instead of just a snow boy?
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2. What would you do if the snow dude you made came to life? What would you like to show him or her? What games would you like to play?

3. Draw a picture of your own snow dude. What kind of clothes would he be wearing? Would he be a little snow dude or a great big one? Would he be gentle and friendly or naughty and rude?

4. Look at your local library for books about snowmen. Find out how different authors have written books about snow people that come to life!


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