Skateboard Monsters

by Daniel Kirk
Children’s Universe, 1992
Skateboard Monsters

Book Description
This is the story of eight friends who like to skateboard together. Other kids may think they’re strange. Other kids may think they’re weird. But although they look different, these lovable characters may just remind you of little monsters you might know!

Reviews of Skateboard Monsters

Review from School Library Journal
Bursting off the pages with energy and wild good cheer, these surrealistic monsters come in every imaginable hue. The topic is hot, the treatment is irresistible, and the book will be fun to read whether in story time or to one would-be skateboarder.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Skateboard Monsters
When my daughter Ivy was very little and learning to walk, I would take her over to the promenade behind the World Financial Center in New York City.
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Teens on skateboards found this area to be a great place to do their tricks, and my toddler was a little frightened to hear the metallic rush of their wheels coming so close. “Daddy,” she would cry, there are monsters coming!”

Ivy knew that the skateboarders were not monsters, but it was her was of saying that she was scared. I thought the idea of monsters riding on skateboards was pretty funny, so I wrote a little rhyme about a gang of friendly monsters who love to ride around and do tricks on their skateboards. I thought my rhyme would make a great picture book! I sent the manuscript to lots of different publishers, and after receiving many rejections, I finally found a publisher who was willing to print my first book.

It was a great challenge, as well as a great thrill, to make a book. Looking back, twenty books later, there is only one thing I would change about Skateboard Monsters. Only one of my monsters is wearing a safety helmet! If I had it to do over again, I would put helmets on all my characters, to protect their little monster heads.

Things to think about and do once you have read Skateboard Monsters
1.This book is about a gang of monsters who all love the same sport. But the book could have been about many different kinds of creatures who love to skate! Draw a picture of your favorite animal riding a skateboard.
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Which zoo animal would be best at riding a skateboard? Which would be the worst?

2. Draw a picture of some monsters playing a different sport, like basketball or surfing! Which sports would monsters be best at? Make a picture of big, mean monsters playing football, or jumping rope! Make some tiny monsters playing checkers, swimming or riding horses! Make your drawings as silly or funny as possible.

3. Ask your friends or parents about their favorite sports. Find out which kinds of kids tend to like which kinds of sports–solitary sports or team sports, winter sports of summer sports, active, outdoor sports or indoor games. Do you think different personalities are attracted to different sports and activities?

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