My Truck Is Stuck!

by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk
Hyperion, 2002
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My Truck Is Stuck


Book Description
Laugh and count in Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk’s hilarious book about a truck that’s accidentally driven into a prairie dog hole. As more vehicles arrive to try and pull it out, readers can learn basic numbers and watch the sneaky prairie dogs empty the dump truck’s load. In this lyrical read-aloud, young drivers are introduced to the ins and outs of hauling, beeping, and repairing – get ready for a fun ride! With rollicking rhymes from Lewis and Kirk’s recognizable, cheery illustrations, kids will be hauling out this book to read again and again.

Reviews of My Truck is Stuck!

Review from Publishers Weekly
Kirk soups up his streamlined oil paintings with comic nuance. The dog characterizations are a stitch, and youngsters will enjoy the subtle jokes. A load of fun.

Daniel Kirk speaks about My Truck is Stuck!
I always try to tell a story in my artwork that expands upon what is offered in the text.
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For My Truck is Stuck, I made up two characters I call T-Bone and Chuck. (read their interview with me in another part of this website!) They, like all of the other vehicle-driving characters in the book, are dogs.

I thought it might be interesting to figure out a reason why there is such a big hole in the road. I decided that the hole has been dug by some gopher-like critters, who just love to chew. They want to eat the load of bones in the back of the truck, and in each of the illustrations, the supply of bones gets smaller and smaller as the critters sneak them away. By the end of the book there is not a single bone left on board the truck! This little visual mini-plot adds to the humor and interest of the story.

Things to think about and do, once you have read My Truck is Stuck!
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1.  What do you think the dogs in the book would have done if the tow truck had not arrived?

2. What do you think the desert critters eat when there are not bones to steal? What do you think you would eat if you lived in the desert?

3. Draw some trucks of your own, and make the drivers different kinds of animals. What sort of things might be in the back of a truck driven by each of the animals?

4. Find out about the different kinds of trucks we use, and the things the different kinds of trucks are good for.

5. Find out about what kinds of animals live in the desert, and discover the kinds of foods that different desert animals eat.

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