Hush, Little Alien

by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion, 1998
Hush Little Alies

Book Description
In this adaptation of the old lullaby, Hush, Little Baby, an extraterrestrial child is promised an assortment of outer space presents ending with a goodnight kiss from his adoring father.

This adorable book edition takes a trip complete with goonie birds and shooting stars as an alien dad sings his little alien a good-night lullaby.

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Daniel Kirk’s little green aliens will win your heart!

Daniel Kirk speaks about Hush, Little Alien
I was driving my son, Russell, to nursery school.
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I could hear him in the back seat, whining and complaining, and demanding that I take him to the toy store so he could buy a new Game-Boy game. I knew that I had to come up with something to distract him, or his mood would only get worse. Maybe I could sing him a silly song? I really wanted him to be quiet, so Hush, Little Baby popped into my head. Only I knew that if I said the word “baby” he would get mad at me, because no four-year-old likes to be called a baby! So I started to sing Hush, Little Bunny. Not funny enough. I did another refrain and called it Hush, Little Alligator. Russell laughed, and told me I was silly. My scheme was beginning to work! I sang Hush, Little Robot, and Hush, Little Alien, and suddenly we arrived at nursery school, happy and ready to learn.

When I got home, I sat down and wrote the story of Hush, Little Alien. I spent a long time drawing aliens, trying to come up with characters that were cute and funny, and not too weird, scary or ugly. When I began painting the illustrations for my book, I made the aliens red–but they looked too much like little devils! I repainted my characters a nice celery color instead.

Things to think about and do after reading Hush, Little Alien
1. Little Alien goes looking for a goonie bird in Hush, Little Alien to make into a pet.
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Use your imagination, and draw some pictures of other outer space animals that might make good pets. What would a space dog look like? Or a space cat? A space hamster? Make up some new animals of your own. What would a Blorigator look like? Or a Snozzbrottle?

2. Do you think that the presents the alien father gets for his son in Hush, Little Alien are good presents? If your parent were to bring you presents to make you happy, what would they be?

3. Find some other picture books about outer space or aliens at your library. How have different artists and writers imagined what outer space creatures would look like?

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