Hello, Hello!

by Miriam Schlein
Illustrated by Daniel Kirk
Simon and Shuster, 2002

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Hello Hello

Book Description
When two lions meet, 
how do they say hello? 

Lions greet each other by rubbing their foreheads together. Wolves wave their tails and lick each other’s faces. With this fun and informative look at animal behavior, you can find out how various animals say hello to each other. Then… smile at, wave to, bow for, and hug your friends and family!

Reviews of Hello! Hello!

Review from Horn Book
…radiates warmth and affection…never leaves young listeners hanging.

Review from Booklist
The inviting cover and idea will appeal to kids and encourage then to shake hands, imitate the animals, and think of other possibilities.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Hello, Hello!
When I received the manuscript for Hello, Hello!, I realized that there were many possible ways to illustrate this book. I considered painting the animals in human clothes, like they were greeting each other at a big party.
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I considered making the animals say hello to human children in each picture. I thought about having it take place in a zoo. Finally I decided to make the book fairly straightforward, and have the animals greet each other in their natural habitats. I didn’t want to make my animals look too realistic. That’s not the way I work. I painted them in a warm and friendly way, with smiles on their faces.

For research, I went to the library and looked at photographs of the animals I would need to paint. I also have a large collection of animal books at home, which I use for reference. At the end of the book we get to see a human mother and her little boy saying hello to each other. I used my son Russell, and my wife Julia, as models for these illustrations.

Things to think about and do after you read Hello, Hello!
1. What is your favorite kind of greeting? A hug? A kiss? A handshake? A high-five?
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Do you greet different people in different kinds of ways?

2. Do you think that animals say “goodbye” to each other like they say hello? What are some different ways that people say “goodbye”?

3. There are many human languages in which you can say hello! Find out some of the words people from other countries use when they want to say hello.

4. Animals do not have words to speak their feelings, but many of them make their feelings very clear anyway! Find out how different animals express emotions like happiness, sadness, and anger, and the desire for things like food or territory.


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