by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion, 2001

Book Description
Whirrr! Zip! Splash! Zoom! From the airplane in the sky to the freight train on the track, from the fire truck on the highway to the tricycle on the sidewalk, kids love things that Go! In this fabulous book-and-CD combo, acclaimed author Daniel Kirk doesn’t miss a beat. With just the right mix of classic favorites and original tunes, every member of the family will want to join in the fun and sing along!

Reviews of Go!

Review from Kankakee Journal
Check out this zany…book. Then–Go! –to the bookstore for your very own copy!

Review from Kirkus
Preschool and primary grade teachers will find this a useful set for the classroom, and the CD is a natural for long car trips.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Go!
I made an appearance at a bookstore at Grand Central Station in New York City, and I brought along my guitar to sing some train songs to the kids who came for the book reading.
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We did I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad, Freight Train, and I made up a tune to go with the words of Chugga Chugga Choo Choo. My editor at Hyperion was there with his children, and he loved hearing the music. He suggested to me that I might like to make a book that would come with a CD of me singing and playing songs about trains, vehicles, and things that go.

The publishers wanted Go! to be a really big book, with lots of songs and big, bold pictures. Each spread in Go! is about a different vehicle. Since there is no continuing story that goes from page to page, I chose to use a wide array of different media for the illustrations. Some of the pictures are in oil paint, some are done in colored pencil, watercolor, pen and ink, pastel, photo collage or sculptured clay. It really fun to use so many different techniques, and I got to try things I had never tried before!

Things to think about and do after you have read Go!
1. What is your favorite way to “go”? Why do you think people like things with wheels so much?
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2. Take the song Wheels on the Bus and add new verses. What do the dinosaurs on the bus say? What do the clowns say? Make up silly ideas of your own!

3. Find out about different kinds of vehicles. Which are the simplest, and which are the most complex? What is the fastest vehicle known to man? What is the slowest? What are the most popular?


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