1. Try making your own little books, like Sam the Library Mouse does. Here are instructions and an example you can print out at home!
a. a nice teacher presents her own instructions
b. my version of instructions
c. “The Little Mouse Book” by Sam
2. Tips for writing and illustrating
a. characters
b. stories start with characters
c. similarities and differences
d. thinking and writing about stories and characters
e. lessons in character education

f. designing pages

a. set of three, “Keep Reading”, “A Friend’s Tale”, and “Keep Writing”
b. new “keep reading” bookmark

4. Coloring pages
a. mouse building
b. hooray
c. Sam and Sarah draw
d. Sam and Sarah on a book
e. Sam and Sarah standing
f. Sam and Tom

5. Posters to print 8.5 x 11
a. Sam says, “Be Kind!”
b. Sarah says, “Explore Your World!”
c. Library Mice Read for Fun

6. One Hundred Library MiceSee some of the many ways children have found to draw Sam and Sarah!

7. Drawing with Daniel Kirk
Find lots of tips on drawing some of my characters, as well as making your own sketches more imaginative.

8. Snow Dude
Take a look at some of the funny guys I made up when I was working on my book.
a. naughty snow dudes
b. sporty snow dudes
c. cute snow dudes

9. Rex Tabby Characters
Here are some of my sketches, including a gang of bad guys who
never made it into the book!
a. The Good Guys
b. The Bad Guys
c. The Bad Guys who didn’t make the cut

10. Rex Tabby Bookmarks
Cut ’em out and mark your place!

11. Rex Tabby Whiskerville Map
See all the places a cat could get into trouble!

12. My Truck is Stuck characters
Check out some of the funny truck drivers I considered using in my book.
a. Scott and Pinky
b. Eek and Squeak
c. T-Bone and Chuck

13. We Love to Read poster
Here is a small poster for you to color!

14. Hush, Little Alien characters
Look at some of the goofy little aliens I drew, when working up sketches for my book.
a. weird guysb. cute, weird guys

15. Skateboard Monsters characters
Practice making up your own monsters, with a little help from me.
a. add bodies to my monster heads
b. add heads to my monster bodies

16. Breakfast at the Liberty Diner place mat
Here is a place mat to put under your breakfast plate, so you can pretend you are eating in a real old-fashioned diner!

17. The Kids in My Class poems
Take a peek at some poems and drawings about daily life in an elementary school classroom.
a. Best Friends
b. Dance
c. Teacher’s Pet
d. Dirty