Elf Realm: The Road’s End

by Daniel Kirk
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<Elf Realm, The roads end

Book Description
In this action-filled conclusion to the Elf Realm trilogy, Matt, Tuava-Li, and Tomtar reach the fabled elfin city of Hunaland, at the North Pole. There they must plant the seed that will cause the Tree of Adri to grow anew.
Meanwhile, Becky has been tricked into joining Jardaine and Nick in their own quest to find the mythical seed.  They wish to sacrifice Becky and claim the glory for themselves.
Unexpected danger awaits all who journey beyond the Gates of Vattar, where the seed must be planted.  Who will get there first?  Will Matt and Becky save the world from impending doom and destruction, forever separating the human world from the elf realm?

Reviews of Elf Realm, the Road’s End

Review from VOYA
The Elf Realm trilogy concludes with humans Matt and Becky winding their separate ways to the North Pole to plant the seed that will rejuvenate the Elf Realm. Matt journeys unaware that his faerie guide, Tuava Li, intends to sacrifice him when they plant the seed. Becky remains ignorant of the fact that her Mage guide, Jardaine, has lied about her intentions and plans to sacrifice her as well. Princess Asra and King Macta also undertake the quest, Asra to find Becky and Macta out of his self-aggrandizing love for Asra. As Matt and Becky near the roots of the dying tree, Yggdrasil, they encounter danger from the underground Ouroborus monsters, as well as the quest members. The series ends with fast-paced escapes and a quiescent healing for the survivors. Kirk deals with the issue of climate change and personal sacrifice in his Elf Realm trilogy. In this process, inexplicable violence and death emerge, which may disquiet or confuse readers. This book’s three story lines weave the action together and build dramatic tension. While Matt and Becky’s characters seem less developed, Tuava Li and Macta undergo challenges that illuminate subtle facets of their morality. Matt sometimes possesses an unrealistically adult sensibility: deciding he could kill a friend for the greater good seems outside his maturity. Kirk’s black-and-white drawings illustrate intimate and frightening moments from the adventure. While not a stand-alone purchase, Elf Realm’s final twists and turns will please readers of this series. — Caitlin Augusta

Daniel Kirk speaks about Elf Realm, the Road’s End
This is the final book in the Elf Realm trilogy.
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It was a pleasure to finish this series, and to be able to stand back and say that I had completed the journey I began with The Low Road. As an author I was happy to bring my characters out of danger and send them on their way toward a more peaceful future.

The Elf Realm trilogy took me several years to write and illustrate. There were many things I wanted to do with this series of books. I wanted to tell a rousing fantasy tale with many characters, many twists and turns, many geographic locations. But I also wanted to touch on many themes that are important to me. The first thing I wanted to talk about is our relationship to our environment. I worry that we humans aren’t paying the proper respect to our mother Earth, and we are beginning to suffer the consequences of despoiling our planet. I want us all to remember that we have the potential to live here in harmony with each other and all of the other plant and animal species on Earth. But that means that each of us must sacrifice a little bit of our own personal will, to honor the will and the rights of others. This life isn’t just about “us,” after all.

In this series of books I also wanted to talk about the nature of sacrifice. We all go through our lives trying to make our own dreams come true, to have the possessions we desire, to fulfill our own personal needs. But sometimes we must give something up….We must learn to sacrifice, whether we like it or not. This is just a part of life, of growing up. It might mean deferring gratification to reach a personal goal, or to help make someone else happy. We all know what it means to sacrifice. Many have sacrificed their lives in wartime, so that we might have a chance at a better life. Parents sacrifice for their children. And there is a time for all of us where we must make sacrifices for the greater good. In Elf Realm, Matt and Becky must face many losses, make many sacrifices, to reach their goals. One of life’s great lessons is to be able to let go, when the time comes. We learn to give, so that others can thrive.

The final thing I wanted to touch on in my Elf Realm series is the way in which we deal with strangers. We live in a time when we come face to face on a daily basis with people who are different than us. They have different religions, customs, different diets, skin color and languages. One of life’s greatest tasks is in learning to know and accept our differences, to respect the ways we are all different from one another. In real life, we don’t have to deal with trolls and elves. But we do have to deal with people whose lives, values and beliefs are sometimes radically different from our own. It’s important always to remember our common humanity, and strive to appreciate our differences as well as our similarities.

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