Dogs Rule!

by Daniel Kirk
Hyperion, 2003
Dogs Rule

Book Description
Arf! Bark! Bow wow! That’s what dogs say, but just what are they trying to tell us? Find out: Why they chase their tails. Reasons to play fetch at 6 a.m. What’s so great about fire hydrants? Which collars they don’t want to wear and why. From a posh, perfumed lapdog to the ever-hungry chow hound, dogs tell you why cats drool and dogs rule!

Reviews of Dogs Rule!

Review from Booklist
The pleasures of tail chasing, hanging out a car window, gnawing bones and taking walks past a fire hydrant have never been captured with more slobbery exuberance.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Dogs Rule!
Dogs Rule gave me the chance to combine my two great loves–art and music–in a single project.
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When I thought about what subject might make a good book/CD combination, I realized that nothing would make more sense than a collection of poems and songs about man’s best friend!

The pieces were easy to write, because the feelings dogs have are quite a bit like the feelings we have, too. I realized how much I love dogs. In each of the poems I tried to tell a little story, or a joke, and provide an insight into what makes dogs so special to us.

When I finished writing the poems, I sat down with my guitar and turned the words into songs. I wanted to express a whole range of emotions and moods, as well as musical styles, which would compliment and underscore the words in the poems.

For the artwork, I chose to use gouache (opaque watercolors) and colored pencils on a textured paper. The look of the artwork is warm and fuzzy, just like dogs are!

Things to think about and do once you have read Dogs Rule!

1.  If you were a dog who could talk, what would you say about your life?
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2.  What would the world be like if there were no dogs? What kinds of pets would people choose instead?

3.  Draw a picture of what the world looks like from the point of view of a dog. What kinds of things are important to show? How do things look from down on the ground?

4.  Find out more about the different breeds of dogs, the history of dog breeding, and the history of dogs as pets. Find out what kinds of personalities go with the different breeds.

5. Read about dogs senses, and how their sense of smell, taste and hearing compare to humans and other animals.

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