Bus Stop, Bus Go!

Daniel Kirk
Putnam, 2001
Bus Stop


Book description

There’s nothing quite like riding the school bus-the fun, the games, the jostling and the jockeying for the best seat. But this bus ride turns even wilder when Tommy brings his pet hamster for show-and-tell and Hammy escapes from his cage. Tommy and his friends join forces to track down the lively little critter, and Hammy leads them in a hide-and-seek romp through the busload of rowdy kids.

Daniel Kirk’s bright, eye-catching illustrations are the perfect medium to bring these rambunctious bus riders and their little furball friend to life.

Reviews of Bus Stop, Bus Go

Review from Publishers Weekly 

Kirk saves his readers a primo seat on a rip-roaring school bus ride.

Review from Kirkus

The verse rolls along like the wheels on a bus, imparting a sweet momentum to the story.

Daniel Kirk speaks about Bus Stop, Bus Go

The idea for this book began with the title Bus Stop, Bus Go As I was driving in my car one day, I passed a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop.
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My mind playfully took the words on the sign “bus stop,” and jumped to the words “bus go.” Months later I picked up a pen and began to write a story about a mouse on a city bus. In the story the mouse runs all around through the crowd of grown-ups, climbing through their belongings as they pack into the bus. Not a single grown-up notices the mouse, because they are all busy with their own affairs. Eventually a little boy spots the mouse. He catches him, and slips the mouse into his pocket as he gets off at his stop.

I gave the manuscript for Bus Stop, Bus Go to my editor at Putnam, and she thought that the story might be more interesting to children if it happened on a school bus, instead of a city bus with lots of adults in it. So I rewrote the story. I changed the mouse into a hamster, and the action of the story now revolved around the children’s search for the missing pet!

Things to think about and do after you have read Bus Stop, Bus Go

1. Have you ever taken anything to school for show and tell? What did you take?
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Do you think it is a good idea to bring a real pet for show and tell?

2. In Bus Stop, Bus Go! a hamster gets out of his cage on the bus ride to school. Have you ever had a pet get lost? Was it difficult to catch?

3. At the end of the story of Bus Stop, Bus Go, the little hamster looks like he is going to get out of his cage again. Make up a story of your own about what happens when Hammy escapes in the classroom at school. Where does he go? Do the children find him?

4. In Bus Stop, Bus Go, the hamster is always trying to get out of his cage and run away. Animals behave in many different ways! Do some research on hamsters and find out why a hamster might like to run away, whereas other animal pets might prefer to stay in their cage or home.


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